Heaven with a Melty Marshmallow on Top

It is almost Christmas and it is 80 degrees outside.  Those two statements do not normally go together but hi, welcome to Tampa Bay!  Honestly, I’ve had at least 5 Christmases down here and I can definitely say this is the warmest.  It’s usually around 60 during the day around this time of year.  but who cares?  In lieu of not being able to drink hot cocoa, I present you with Rachael Ray’s hot cocoa cookies.

Thanks Margy!

I was randomly inspired to wear an apron (I NEVER remember to)… which was a super cute shower gift from a friend of mine.  IT IS A GOOD THING I WORE THIS APRON because I went absolutely crazy with these cookies.   I spilled cocoa powder all over the world because I was so excited to create these beauties that I was moving too quickly.

This wasn't the half of it - but don't worry, I did shoo Shaeley away before she could get to the poison.

I ate the batter, I ate the dough after it was in the fridge for the recommended time, and I “accidentally” broke some while getting them from the oven onto the cooling rack so I threw them out…except that’s a lie, I ate those too.

I highly recommend these cookies, they taste like a hot cocoa brownie with marshmallow-y goodness and that soft flaky crust all over it.

I am really excited today because my family has left Connecticut to complete the crazy 18 hour drive down here (flights were $500 ONE WAY per person…so I guess they’re not that crazy).  I have to finish so much cookie baking, clean the house, and do my run for 25 minutes which is going to be KIND OF hard considering I had my first taco bell meal since college for lunch today.  Thanks mom for having me get a gift card for you because apparently they give out free meals with every $20 gift card purchased.  It was really embarrassing how excited I got when the lady at the register told me that.  What is my life.

Anyway, for those celebrating- have a fantastic weekend.  And pissy face Shaeley says Merry Christmas as well.  Glad I didn’t try to send out Christmas cards this year.

"I so hate you right now"


A Deliciously Peculiar Combination

Someone bring me to a mental hospital to get my brain checked.

On Monday, I smiled when I was running.  I SMILED.  WHILST RUNNING.  I guess there is a first for everything… but things get stranger.  My rest day was yesterday and I still worked out.  AND THEN I was looking forward to my run ALL DAY today.  Have I broke some sort of threshold of running hating forever?  I certainly hope so.  If you couldn’t tell I obviously think this is a miracle from the heavens.

My miracle inspired me to start my CHRISTMAS COOKIE EXTRAVAGANZA tonight, starring the weirdest Christmas cookie recipe I have ever seen.  I had to try these first (I have 5 recipes I absolutely have to make) because I was just so curious- a mash up of ginger and peanut butter… and SALT AND PEPPER?  

You can view the recipe from Rachael Ray’s site… it came in the December issue of her self-titled magazine.

These are great- they’re a little dry, but in a gingerbread-y sort of way, but still soft and chewy.  The best part is getting to the PB cup in the middle… mmmmm.  I made no substitutions, but I did nix the second powdered sugar coat just because I am lazy and did not want to get sticky again.  The cookies did not need extra sugar anyway, they have the perfect amount of sweetness!