A Deliciously Peculiar Combination

Someone bring me to a mental hospital to get my brain checked.

On Monday, I smiled when I was running.  I SMILED.  WHILST RUNNING.  I guess there is a first for everything… but things get stranger.  My rest day was yesterday and I still worked out.  AND THEN I was looking forward to my run ALL DAY today.  Have I broke some sort of threshold of running hating forever?  I certainly hope so.  If you couldn’t tell I obviously think this is a miracle from the heavens.

My miracle inspired me to start my CHRISTMAS COOKIE EXTRAVAGANZA tonight, starring the weirdest Christmas cookie recipe I have ever seen.  I had to try these first (I have 5 recipes I absolutely have to make) because I was just so curious- a mash up of ginger and peanut butter… and SALT AND PEPPER?  

You can view the recipe from Rachael Ray’s site… it came in the December issue of her self-titled magazine.

These are great- they’re a little dry, but in a gingerbread-y sort of way, but still soft and chewy.  The best part is getting to the PB cup in the middle… mmmmm.  I made no substitutions, but I did nix the second powdered sugar coat just because I am lazy and did not want to get sticky again.  The cookies did not need extra sugar anyway, they have the perfect amount of sweetness!


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