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I have to toot some horns here about my workouts this week.  I worked out every single night after finishing up work around 4pm.  Ever since our Mexico trip my schedule was alllll over the place between vacationing, making up for vacation at work, moving, etc.  I’m so glad I’m back to being able to work 8-4, giving me plenty of time to work out before dinner time.  Should I be more consistent about posting workouts here?  I feel like my fitness posts completely contradict my entire life, because my mindset is all about food and vacationing.  The only reason I work out is to eat and the only reason I want to work/make money is to go on vacation (which is synonymous with being lazy and eating and drinking).

  • Monday – Fit Sugar’s Arm Plan, some random ab work
  • Tuesday – 2 mile run (not so good)
  • Wednesday – Fitness Magazine’s Metabolism-Boosting superset workout (I LOVE this one, it goes by so fast and is so good)
  • Thursday – 2 mile run (very good)
  • Friday – Immediately after publishing this, I plan on doing a shoulder workout and an in depth ab work out.  My glutes and hamstrings are still so sore from Wednesday’s supersets

I tried to be a chef the other night making the following dish.  First I burned the onions because I used olive oil by accident on high heat instead of grapeseed oil (let this be a lesson to all of you!) so I had to start over again with my wine sauce and then once the whole dinner was done I realized I didn’t cook the vegetables. This threw me so out of sorts but everything ended up coming together, even if I did have to throw the pasta in the microwave before adding the asparagus & mushrooms.  I hope you do better than this.

This dish is inspired by Ms. Skinny Taste‘s Poached Egg Asparagus Pasta, and while it happens to be super healthy I added more fat and calories because I am on a mission to create my own special go-to white wine sauce and thought it would be incredible with this.  It was pretty good but the wine sauce isn’t perfected yet.  Oh and I am TERRIBLE at poaching eggs, I think I might just fry them sunny-side up next time.  The necessary component to this is the runny egg yolk anyway so I suppose it doesn’t matter.

I kind of wish that egg was a giant piece of mozzarella cheese instead

Linguine with Asparagus Mushroom Wine Sauce

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Ultimate cleaning out my kitchen meal

Today has been a day full of food porn.  I’m not really sure why, but nothing gets me going like photos and descriptions of delicious foods of all kind.  I KNOW THIS CAN’T BE THAT WEIRD because foodgawker exists.  & I thank God every day for that, as well as for Nutella.  What is super weird is that I’ve also been distracting myself with restaurant menu perusing today.  Can you tell that I’m really into and inspired by my real job that has nothing to do with food?

I went to a seafood festival this weekend and naturally didn’t take any pictures.  I need to just start requiring myself to wear my camera on my wrist so that no matter where I am I can ~capture memories~ or you know, make real blog entries afterward.  I don’t like seafood anyway, I went for mr mans and my little brother.  I ate a smores crepe for dinner that night.  I encourage all of you to have a smores crepe for dinner at least once in your life.

I did make up a recipe this weekend though with things I had on hand because I AM SO SICK OF GOING TO THE GROCERY STORE 3 TIMES A WEEK!  We buy chicken in bulk from Costco about once every 4-6 weeks so we always have that on hand, had broccoli & turkey bacon left over from some other recipes earlier on in the week, and I bought frozen garlic ciabatta during a moment of weakness last week.  Voila!

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken Breast

 You need:

  • 1 Chicken breast for every 2 servings
  • 1 piece of turkey bacon per serving (regular bacon would have tasted better, but …  that stupid health thing.)
  • 1-2 tbsp reduced fat chive cream cheese per serving
  • 1 tbsp butter per 2 servings (you can definitely omit to reduce some fat in the recipe)


  1. Split chicken breasts into two thin cutlets, pound out  a bit if they are uneven in thickness
  2. Spread desired amount of cream cheese on each breast (I’d suggest no less than 1 tbsp), then dot it with butter
  3. Roll it up and stick it with a toothpick baby
  4. Bake for 30-35 minutes, until juices run clear.  In the last 5 minutes put it on broil so that the bacon will crisp up nicely

If you want to make that crispy roasted broccoli as well, all you need to do is toss them in some olive oil, salt, pepper and a few smashed garlic cloves (garlic powder if you don’t have any fresh) and bake them when the chicken goes in for about 25 minutes.  For the bread mix butter with minced or shaved garlic and spread it on, and of course sprinkle it with whatever cheese you have hand.  You can go ahead and throw those in at the same time for the last 7-10 minutes of baking everything.

With the chicken on the top shelf, it's a meal you can bake all at once

How easy is that?  Now I really have to go grocery shopping considering I just used up every edible ingredient here with this meal.  Nutrition facts will vary a LOT because obviously I didn’t measure anything very much, but one piece will definitely fill you up and only cost you about 247 calories and 11 g of fat.

We all need more homemade mac & cheese in our lives

Ever since coming back from Mexico, Mr. Mans & I can’t bring ourselves to go out for Mexican food.  We are too depressed.  I honestly never thought I would have such an emotional attachment to a vacation.

Guess there is no reason not to become attached to this

Instead of going out for Mexican, I figured I would pay tribute by making the classic American Macaroni & Cheese dish mexican style.  Here, I present  Jalapeno Macaroni Con Queso:

All instagram-ed out to make up for poor photography

During the sauce making I grew increasingly frustrated and started throwing things when it was stringy and just completely not saucey.  Do not grow discouraged if this happens!  I found that adding a bit more (VERY little at a time) milk smoothed it out and made it velvety and smooth!  I want this every day.  Does it help that I used whole wheat elbows?  I think it does. Continue reading

The Fat Kid Soap Box

I’d like to take a moment right now and condemn LOW FAT BAKING, actually, let’s go ahead and damn it straight to hell.


Remember that book “French Women don’t get fat?” Yeah, they eat croissants. And croissants? not low fat.

I swear, I get punished every time I try to bake one of those “healthy” recipes I find on the internet- both by my husband and life in general (this only applies to baking). Friday’s catastrophe were “skinny” chocolate chip cookies. I knew something had to be wrong with the nutrition facts touting a mere 30 calories and 1.3 grams of fat per cookie. But I doubted my fat kid instincts and went for it because the pictures on the blog who shall not be named looked delicious. All the comments said they were delicious. Have these people never tasted chocolate chip cookies before?

I went against my instincts one other time making brownie mix with pumpkin in place of the oil and mr. mans still holds a grudge to this day about it. I’ve heard raves about this as well and I don’t know, either my tongue is broken or it’s the only one that works in the world because those brownies tasted like moist play dough.

I’ll admit- the cookies weren’t as bad as play dough, but they’re just dry and very undesirable by my standards. This may not be the best advice, but I live by it and I’m pretty happy so…just make the glorious full fat version and eat less of it.  Or eat all of it and get so sick that you swear you’ll never eat another cookie again, I’ve experienced both situations and I still don’t hate myself.

TONIGHT’S masterpiece was something I wanted to try for a very long time- Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies.  In the middle of forming these I had to make an executive decision to freeze over half the dough because they are DANGEROUS.


They are amazing and worth every calorie (plus, calories don’t count on the weekends) and don’t try these if you don’t have any form of self control because you are the people those disgusting low fat chocolate chip monstrosities are for.

Damage (1 Cookie): 296 Calories/41g Carbs/15g Fat/3g Protein/24g Sugar/


I did a run today around our new neighborhood with mr. mans like the model suburban couple we are now that we live in a single family home. I am back in full gear since our house resembles a home now and I almost know where everything is. We do still have a lot of boxes out because there’s a whole room with no furniture in it…

I would call us house poor but we don’t even own it so I guess we’re just poor poor (still so blessed though).

The run was only 20 minutes, but no music (my husband is an attention whore) and I still did pretty well… obviously I have a long way to go to feel like a real runner but I feel particularly proud because I also did a really good full body circuit before my run courtesy of Skinny Ms. Fitness, where I’ve been getting all of my new circuits lately.

Anyway, let us touch on the more important subject, I have found a new favorite weeknight meal that is quick, healthy, delicious, and doesn’t require many ingredients! I cooked this up in 15 minutes or less and I think the only thing I would change is that I’d marinate the chicken breasts overnight so they’re more juicy. I like my chicken THIN so they cooked up almost too quickly in the broiler.

I also made some angel hair aioli (garlic and olive oil).  After boiling the pasta, drain it and add about 2 tbsp of olive oil into the hot pot, and once it’s heated up, mince or shave some garlic cloves (I used two for four servings) for only a minute or two (garlic burns very quickly in hot oil) and toss with the angel hair.  Just make sure you cool it down a bit before you put the pasta back in the pot or else you will ruin your fancy $200 over-priced pasta pot that some rich guy bought you in a set for your wedding.

This took a LOT of soaking and scrubbing and there are still marks all over it 😦

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