Next time, just go for the full blown cupcake

I am always secretly rooting for the opposite of my husbands teams.  It started with our yankees/red sox rivalry and bloomed into full blown hatred for everything boston for me (mostly because the attention is off of me when those god forsaken playoff games are on).  Since I knew I was getting nowhere near the television the other night, the resounding solution was a baking project. I don’t know if I have shared this before with you all, but I have an EPIC recipe arsenal that stemmed from my secret den of food blogs in college.  One of my friends in particular would always come in and ask what I was up to and this was me:

She would catch me looking at food blogs.  ALL. THE. TIME.  Whenever I had nothing to do, I would gaze lovingly at cupcakes and icing and everything else I could not create in my dorm room.  I was ashamed, and she always called me out about it.

This recipe was saved a really long time ago and I always wanted to try it.  Whilst baking, Mr. Mans was running around the kitchen during commercial breaks and singing about cupcakes.  He kept asking when I was going to put the icing on and when I told him for the 97th time they were muffins his face dropped.

While I’m glad I have a good muffin to turn to when I’m not craving any of my normal breakfasts, I kind of wish they were cupcakes too.  However, they are better the next day, especially if you microwave them for 10 seconds (any more and your cream cheese will shoot out of the muffin and explode).

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Becoming Italian 101: From Scratch Meatballs

I have tasted a LOT of meatballs in my time.  I’ve hit up all those chain restaurants, the olive gardens, carrabbas, macaroni grills of this world, and while some are good and some are horrifying, there is nothing that beats a home made meatball.  Points are added if made by a grandma.

I learned this from a combination of my father’s guidance and innate expertise to make my own meatball recipe to have on Sundays, and what else is better than a mid-week meatball sandwich?

Still working on making them actually round, but that will come in time, probably when my kid gives birth.

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Consistent comfort cravings

Summer is not the time for comfort food.  Comfort food is supposed to be warm, gooey, melt in your mouth fattening goodness, right?  Summer is when restaurants bring out the aptly titled seasonal summer salad with strawberries and vinaigrette dressings.

Well hi, I’m still over here making comfort food.  I’m still on a never-ending journey to fat kid bliss even though I’m punishing myself by going back to “counting calories”.

Yep, my parent’s visit was that bad.  So bad I won’t even step on the scale yet, maybe next week after I have a good week of eating.

But how am I supposed to be good with all this Easter candy and buffalo chicken pizza for dinner?

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The Healthiest Recipe You’ll Ever See On This Blog

Mamma G does not have a good reputation in the kitchen.  Growing up, my father who worked 50+ hours a week cooked for us or we went over to Grandma’s.  If neither of those two events occured, we were having breaded chicken cutlets or chicken soup for dinner.

I do have to give it to her, those two things were made from scratch and made well, but still.  She’s a mom and it was the running joke of our childhood that we were deprived of delicious home-cookin’.  This lady also doesn’t like butter or cheese and prefers to eat yogurt for lunch and salad for dinner…


I was blown off my rocker (ok, I don’t even have a rocker to begin with) when she told me the other day that she’d like to cook for Mr. Mans & I.

I actually have never had a frittata before so I gave her a chance, and SHE DID IT.  She made something good without butter or cheese.  I think it’s her grandmotherly instincts coming along since she has QUITE a tough act to follow. Omnomnom.

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Fat Kid’s Mexican Summer Salad

I normally hate the taste of chicken.  I remember telling my husband that for the first time and he laughed at me for an hour and in between tried to tell me that nobody dislikes chicken.  I can’t REALLY be the only person out there, can I?  Give me fried chicken, chicken cutlets, chicken smothered in sauce, but if I can taste the actual chicken, it grosses me out.   I hate making chicken even though it’s cheap and easy since I have to doctor it up so much to disguise the taste, which always adds extra calories.  The chicken in this salad is simple and doesn’t taste chicken-y at all 🙂  Don’t freak out over the nurtition facts (found after the recipe), because honestly this salad probably serves three because I’m pretty sure Mr. Mans went in for seconds.  Also remember, it’s the avocado that adds all the fat, which is GOOD fat after all.

You will need your slow-cooker for this, friends.

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