Next time, just go for the full blown cupcake

I am always secretly rooting for the opposite of my husbands teams.  It started with our yankees/red sox rivalry and bloomed into full blown hatred for everything boston for me (mostly because the attention is off of me when those god forsaken playoff games are on).  Since I knew I was getting nowhere near the television the other night, the resounding solution was a baking project. I don’t know if I have shared this before with you all, but I have an EPIC recipe arsenal that stemmed from my secret den of food blogs in college.  One of my friends in particular would always come in and ask what I was up to and this was me:

She would catch me looking at food blogs.  ALL. THE. TIME.  Whenever I had nothing to do, I would gaze lovingly at cupcakes and icing and everything else I could not create in my dorm room.  I was ashamed, and she always called me out about it.

This recipe was saved a really long time ago and I always wanted to try it.  Whilst baking, Mr. Mans was running around the kitchen during commercial breaks and singing about cupcakes.  He kept asking when I was going to put the icing on and when I told him for the 97th time they were muffins his face dropped.

While I’m glad I have a good muffin to turn to when I’m not craving any of my normal breakfasts, I kind of wish they were cupcakes too.  However, they are better the next day, especially if you microwave them for 10 seconds (any more and your cream cheese will shoot out of the muffin and explode).

This recipe is King Arthur Flour’s recipe for Carrot Cake Muffins and you can find it here.  The only substitute I made was using 1/3 fat cream cheese and added about 1/2 tsp vanilla extract for the filling (it could have used more).  Here’s a tip too – make sure you have regular carrots on hand.  Grating baby carrots was quite frustrating and time consuming.

The nutrition facts are ridiculous which brings me to the feeling that I should have just made cupcakes.  Obviously the husband agrees.  These muffins are more calories than my every day egg sandwich breakfast (minus the fiber and protein, boo).  These will stay as a weekend treat and something I give away to people that need to get fatter (or men, since there never seems to be a caloric impact on their bodies).  I’d rate this recipe a 3.5 out of 5.

Damage (1 muffin): 251 calories/36g carbs/10g fat/5g protein/1g fiber/19g sugar


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