No one has to know I’m running from our problems

I have a formal complaint to make.

My husband is not allowing me to run away to my parent’s house in Connecticut.  He even made rolls from scratch last night to keep me here, and bought me all the ingredients to make cookies.  I need cookies.  And my mom.

I’m so proud of him though, he found this recipe all by himself (even though I probably have 15 I’ve saved in the past, but brownie points anyway because they taste good).  I plan on using these rolls all week since we have some chicken and ground beef in the freezer… I’m going to experiment with some sauces and veggie toppings to create some tasty budget friendly sandwiches.  These are huge, by the way.  Consider cutting them smaller even though the recipe states to cut the dough into 8 pieces.

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happy holiday weekend

I wish more than anything that we had a grill and a pool for this weekend.

I have a newly unemployed husband running around our house cleaning everything (fantastic), making “no soliciting” signs for our front door (good?), bothering me about his resume every five seconds (can’t you see i’m trying to work here, bro?), and when he gets really desperate, turns on music and starts dirty dancing with my lime green resistance band (HALP).

I sigh, carry on, and Thank God for my good job that not only allows me to provide for our basics, but also allows me to work from home where I don’t need to commute and be stressed and take it up the you know what every time I fill up my gas tank once a week.

& I thank God for good friends willing to do cheap things with us to entertain us on our Memorial Day Weekend.

Thank you for listening, here is a recipe in return for your time.

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What doesn’t kill me…

Last week I conquered something I truly feared.

very intimidating.

I always hated eggplant…which I can probably attribute to the days when I’d get myself a heaping stack of “Chicken Parmesan” at Grandma’s on Sundays and I’d bite into a pile of mushy, sweet eggplant instead.  TRAGIC.

The conclusion here?  I still hate eggplant, but this dish disguises it well…husband enjoyed it, and sometimes that’s enough.  I ate it anyway because it was edible food. For real though- it’s pretty good even for the eggplant haters out there.  This appropriately reflects the fact that I am now on a tight budget due to some financial distress (yes, the outcome from the last post was the bad one), alas the theme for the next few weeks will probably be vegetarian. It is time to be more creative in the kitchen- let’s pretend that it’s fun to be on a budget!

nothing better than a melty baked cheesy dish when you need serious comfort

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Welcome every morning with a thankful heart

I needed comfort food this morning – I’m dealing with one of those wonderful situations where something bad can happen but I don’t have control over the outcome.  Normally I’d be a ball of anxiety in the corner not being able to function; but thankfully throughout the years of dealing with these things I just pretend it’s not happening and pray for the best outcome.

Don’t you just love going away and coming back to real life that you don’t have the capacity to deal with?

One more question: do you like oatmeal?  I couldn’t stomach it.  Thank goodness for food blogs or I would’ve never had the ability to eat oatmeal.

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Full Disclosure: I’m straight up lazy and need an intervention.

I am at a dark place in my life right now. I’m at the point where I just convince myself that if I eat kind of healthy a little bit I won’t get fat. That I like the way my body looks so who cares about working out and eating healthy (not to mention training for a real race??). Yep, negative enforcement relly works on me.

So I saw this simple recipe and figured its pretty healthy.  And it was, until I opened my frezer and saw the ciabatta roles.

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