Welcome every morning with a thankful heart

I needed comfort food this morning – I’m dealing with one of those wonderful situations where something bad can happen but I don’t have control over the outcome.  Normally I’d be a ball of anxiety in the corner not being able to function; but thankfully throughout the years of dealing with these things I just pretend it’s not happening and pray for the best outcome.

Don’t you just love going away and coming back to real life that you don’t have the capacity to deal with?

One more question: do you like oatmeal?  I couldn’t stomach it.  Thank goodness for food blogs or I would’ve never had the ability to eat oatmeal.

The first secret is vanilla almond milk, 1 cup of it – it adds flavor and not weird gross flavor like cow milk (and trust me, I love regular milk, I just don’t like it hot).  If you want to keep the calories down, do half milk half water.

Second?   Brown sugar and any other flavors you want to include – my go to is cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice and a drop of vanilla extract.  I also love adding pumpkin puree when I have it on hand.  A dash of salt enhances your flavors.

The best part is BUTTER.  Not that much because we are trying to be healthy now now all of my Ohio trips for the year are over with, but you will miss the butter if you have oatmeal with butter and go back to not having it.  TRUST.  I use like, a teeny pat… still makes a difference.  Always makes a difference.

One day I want to do my cinnamon mixture and add a little bit of microwaved cream cheese & sugar… sounds like it could be disgusting or a really delicious cinnamon bun impostor.

So allow me to sit back and hope for the best.  Perhaps I’ll be more inspired when our life isn’t up in the air….until then, I will plan pretend vacations.  It’s one of my key strategies to coping with anxiety.


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