Risotto: a labor of love

There is a LOT of love in this risotto; and by love I mean truffle oil.  My darling husband bought me authentic truffle oil as part of my birthday present which was smart because he knew he’d get the main benefits of this gift.

Once I first discovered this truffle phenomenon I did all the research I could; mostly because I am obsessive and have to know everything there is to know about things I love + no life or hobbies equaling a wealth of knowledge about the magic that are truffles.  There is no actual truffle oil – only olive or grapeseed oil infused with truffles…which is okay because it still tastes delicious and is much more affordable, considering real truffles go for about $3,600 per pound.  In conclusion, if you see actual TRUFFLES in a dish at a restaurant, dive in baby.  I don’t know if I will ever get such an opportunity, but I will certainly try my hardest.

Back to the risotto!  I love risotto, it is tasty, requires ingredients you probably already have on hand, and is easily customized.  The only downside that the process is slightly laborious, but you will definitely taste the love when all is said and done 🙂

Sorry about the weird picture.  On to the good stuff.

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I finally made something

There are a few things i need to consciously do to enhance this lonely blog of mine (as of late).

#1: Get more into photography

#2: For goodness sakes’… BRING MY CAMERA PLACES AND DO COOL THINGS!  I went to a really interesting prosecco/champagne tasting on Friday night… did I take one picture?  Did I make one note of which ones I liked and what I liked about them?  No, I just lived.  Which is sometimes okay, because I come across certain blog posts and think… did they actually do any of this stuff or just play paparazzi for the evening and let everyone else have all the fun?  Here, I will take a picture now of the wines we tasted.  The only reason why I can remember my favorite was because I noticed that it was the second most expensive of the spread.

#3: In that case, learn to have a good balance of living and documenting.  I love documenting.  Which was why I created this blog in the first place.  I have a list for everything and write down every thought and activity I do in my planner.  Obviously I needed a blog for my creative outlet.

This thing that I made last week… it is certainly on the weirder side of recipes I’ve ever made.  I can’t decide if I like it or not, so feel free to try it for yourselves.  It just reminds me of something Rachael Ray would make, a franken-dish, encompassing a bunch of different pre-made and often processed ingredients that would surely please little kids but not necessarily their adult counterparts.  I also hate hate hate how much sugar is added from the BBQ sauce.  I went to buy a low-sugar organic one but it was over $5 and just not fit for the budget this time around.  I encourage you to get fancy with this if you do try it and make your own barbecue sauce.

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Unplanned Slider Night

My husband has officially beat me at something in life.

He is a master bread baker man and in sticking with my $60/week grocery budget, I left hamburger rolls off the list this week knowing that we’ve successfully made them at home a few times before with ingredients already on hand.  I suppose now the hidden keyword I previously ignored was WE.

I was suspicious of 40 minute hamburger bun  recipe but figured I’d roll with it considering I had small increments of time during the day where I’d be able to get them finished so it seemed to fit perfectly.

I don’t know what went wrong with these rolls, but I wasn’t TOO surprised when they were the same exact size coming out as they were when they went in the oven – teeny little pac man rolls.

I also may or may not have read the directions properly and added some of the water slightly out of order.

I like sliders, I can definitely run with that for dinner.  But the rolls are also kind of rubbery; very glutinous if you will.  However I am still sitting here eating one to my face, as though you or I are surprised.

The sliders were delicious and fattening; I can tell because I didn’t have anything else that night and wasn’t starving before bed.  I used whatever beef was on sale (I think it was 20% fat… usually I use 10-15)- yes, it is nearly impossible to be healthy on a budget when you are feeding a man… they are not satisfied with vegetarian options.  I also stuffed them with extra sharp cheddar cheese, not low fat because the store brand doesn’t offer a low fat version.  Can you guess that right now money is more important to me than being skinny?  I am still working out five days a week though, and that is something to be proud of whether or not I eat in a healthful manner.

My flavorful burger mix for just over 1/2 pound of beef was simply a tablespoon of garlic powder (if I had onion powder on hand too I would’ve done half and half), one egg, salt and pepper, a pinch of crushed red pepper, and a small handful of breadcrumbs.  I’m usually never satisfied with the flavor of my burgers but between the cheese in the middle, the little extra fat in the meat, and the hint of heat from the pepper, it was quite tasty.  To be honest with you, I could have been satisfied with a larger salad on the side and just one of these sliders. Oops.