Unplanned Slider Night

My husband has officially beat me at something in life.

He is a master bread baker man and in sticking with my $60/week grocery budget, I left hamburger rolls off the list this week knowing that we’ve successfully made them at home a few times before with ingredients already on hand.  I suppose now the hidden keyword I previously ignored was WE.

I was suspicious of 40 minute hamburger bun  recipe but figured I’d roll with it considering I had small increments of time during the day where I’d be able to get them finished so it seemed to fit perfectly.

I don’t know what went wrong with these rolls, but I wasn’t TOO surprised when they were the same exact size coming out as they were when they went in the oven – teeny little pac man rolls.

I also may or may not have read the directions properly and added some of the water slightly out of order.

I like sliders, I can definitely run with that for dinner.  But the rolls are also kind of rubbery; very glutinous if you will.  However I am still sitting here eating one to my face, as though you or I are surprised.

The sliders were delicious and fattening; I can tell because I didn’t have anything else that night and wasn’t starving before bed.  I used whatever beef was on sale (I think it was 20% fat… usually I use 10-15)- yes, it is nearly impossible to be healthy on a budget when you are feeding a man… they are not satisfied with vegetarian options.  I also stuffed them with extra sharp cheddar cheese, not low fat because the store brand doesn’t offer a low fat version.  Can you guess that right now money is more important to me than being skinny?  I am still working out five days a week though, and that is something to be proud of whether or not I eat in a healthful manner.

My flavorful burger mix for just over 1/2 pound of beef was simply a tablespoon of garlic powder (if I had onion powder on hand too I would’ve done half and half), one egg, salt and pepper, a pinch of crushed red pepper, and a small handful of breadcrumbs.  I’m usually never satisfied with the flavor of my burgers but between the cheese in the middle, the little extra fat in the meat, and the hint of heat from the pepper, it was quite tasty.  To be honest with you, I could have been satisfied with a larger salad on the side and just one of these sliders. Oops.


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