There are no calories in these cookie dough stuffed chocolate cookies.

I am really glad that nobody has a secret camera in my home office… it would be pretty embarrassing for them to see how much I jam out when I’m doing work (ironically enough when I am distracting myself I turn el seriouso).  Today I am blessing my dog with “Ja Rule Radio” on Pandora, and between that and having these cookies waiting for me I think I am out of control with my excitement right now.  One time my husband snuck into the house when I wasn’t expecting him and caught me so off guard that I screamed so loud Shaeley had diarrhea on the floor.  I know that you wish you had my life so bad.  Except for when you want to be skinny but you can’t stop your hands from tricking you into baking delicious treats every week.

Make sure you make extra “cookie dough” for this recipe, because it has no eggs and therefore creates more reason to lick the bowl with reckless abandon. Luckily for me I ate half of the unsafe chocolate cookie dough and had lots of stuffing left over that didn’t make it into the cookies.


I used this recipe with no substitutions.  It’s really hard to actually wrap the chocolate cookie dough around the stuffing, so I applaud the original poster on making theirs look so neat and tidy.  I am not a neat and tidy person.  Don’t want to know the nutrtition facts for this cookie?  I am warning you right now; DO NOT click the read more link.

Damage (1 cookie): 208 calories/31g carbs/10g fat/2g protein/1g fiber/20g sugar


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