Halloween leftovers

I did something very profound today.

I made cookies without making a mess AT ALL.  My man accomplished the great feat of deep cleaning our kitchen last night (and that is a GREAT feat considering I’m the cook and create a disaster zone 3-4 times a week).  I knew if he came home to a mess he’d want to kick my butt all the way to the north pole.  It took me double the time to make cookies but I was successful…. layering the counter tops with towels helped.  Why haven’t I thought of that before?

I didn’t want to finish off all of the Halloween candy I accumulated from November 1st sales, so I did something very smart and chopped them up and put them into cookies that I will probably eat twice as fast.  All I need to do is have willpower for ONE DAY until my parents and brother come into town because after that the treats will be gone.  The way I show my love is through food and both my husband and my family understand and joyously accept this 100%.

All I had left in my stockpile were mini 3 Musketeers, mini dark chocolate Milky Ways, and fun sized Twix (my favorite!).  It turned out to be a great combination.  No special recipe to be found here, just chop ’em up as small or chunky as you’d like, and throw them into your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe in lieu of the chips.  I use this one as a base- clearly it is the best because it calls for 2 sticks of butter (I tried the oreo part once and it is terribly sinful. By terribly I mean exquisitely).

The BEST part is when the caramel oozes out and adds a touch of crispiness to the soft and gooey cookie

While we are on the topic of fattening things, I wanted to share just how excited I am to be running again.  I’ve hit PR’s every time I set out to run (which doesn’t say a LOT since I am essentially starting from scratch again, but it is still very motivating)!  My most recent is 4.17 miles in 40 minutes which not only is the longest I have run continuously, but also the fastest steady pace.  I’ve shaved 1 minute off my pace in just two weeks.  I’m getting suspicious sciatic pain in my left glute muscle (and still have knee pain) but I am stretching and icing and praying that my muscles and joints stay healthy.  I have my sights set on a half marathon for early next year (definitely a big deal for me).

Anyone joining me on being a fairly new runner?  Are you following a specific plan?  I have been running on and off for a year now between “injuries” but I am trying to stay on track, be more responsible and actually increase mileage now to achieve a half marathon finish.  I might start tracking my mileage on here, but I’m not sure yet.  I’m doing timed runs on Tuesdays, interval runs on Thursdays, and distance runs on Saturdays.

Are you still trying to get rid of Halloween candy?  Did you get any in the first place?


4 thoughts on “Halloween leftovers

  1. Great work on the run. I use dailymile.com to track my running, once you do a week you will be like oh boy I want to beat last weeks miles, and so on. You should get an account, lots of people will randomly friend you and say things like “great run!” and it will make you feel like a rockstar. If you make an account you should add me : ) My profile is http://www.dailymile.com/people/MeganK1040 – Those cookies look bomb btw.

    • Thanks! I made an account on Daily Mile, but I found that I liked runkeeper better, because I couldn’t find an app for daily mile? I need a gps app right now because I don’t have a garmin yet to track my runs.

      • Ohhh! Yea daily mile doesn’t have that, the app I used to use before my garmin was mapmyrun. I’ve always just manually imputed my work outs because they aren’t necessarily just runs!

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