My husband, the sous chef

We are all well aware of the hectic stress that comes with the holiday season.  We are scurrying all around cleaning for family, travelling for family, going broke buying presents, getting fat from baking, and et cetera.  While I am scared for my bank account, I’m feeling alright about the scale since I’m making time to keep exercising this holiday.  It’s really not that hard if you force yourself into a routine, I promise.

Because of my commitments, I achieved a very fabulous record I made for myself on Saturday despite all of the odds working against me.  I ran 5 miles (furthest ever) in 56 minutes.  My (very easy, I’ll admit) goal was to keep it under an hour and while I had to have a few walking “intervals” due to the fact that it felt like it was 1,000 degrees outside, I still made it with a pace that was reasonable to me.  The factors going against were a list a mile long, including the unexpected heat and sun beating on my head, having sliders and onion rings with long islands on Friday night and drinking coffee instead of water in the morning before the run.  My favorite part was that I picked a completely absurd route that I had never even driven let alone run before, leading to an adventurous “trail” run due to lack of sidewalks and scary cars driving fast.

With all of that being said, I am reversing all the good that run did to my body by having Buffalo Mac and Cheese.  My husband’s favorite thing is grating cheese from a block, but I wanted to cut things short and made him slice into blocks.  He had such a blast doing this… it’s the little things.

I used all reduced fat of course, since we don’t want to get too crazy up in here.  I really had the hardest time with this recipe.  It pissed me off because it took too long and used too many plates/pots/utensils and I probably should have just used my favorite cheese sauce for mac and cheese and added buffalo chicken to it. If you’d like the original recipe, I got it from the food network website.  I modified it a lot and it still wasn’t my favorite… I think it didn’t taste cheesy enough, it just tasted like saucy wings.  But perhaps that’s the purpose of having buffalo mac and cheese?  Help me out, have you had this before?

These are all of the substitutions I made that may have kept this dish from being REALLY delicious :

  • I didn’t bake it because a. I don’t like blue cheese and b. we didn’t want to wait that long to eat it
  • I used mustard the condiment instead of dry mustard powder
  • Realized my half and half was non-fat, so I did 1 cup of my non-fat half and half and 1.5 cups 1% milk
  • Like I said before, I used reduced fat cheese

If you have one, please send me your favorite Buffalo Mac & Cheese recipe!


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