Road trip noms

I remember having a privileged childhood and flying back and forth from JFK to Tampa and Orlando airport at least twice a year to go to Disney, stay on my grandparents condominium on the beach, or get onto cruise ships for a week at sea.  The year my parents told me we were driving to Florida, I had a spoiled brat freak out session.  It wasn’t pretty and I don’t know why my parents didn’t give me away during that horrible pre-teen period of my life. But EIGHTEEN HOURS IN A CAR WITH FAMILY?  I couldn’t handle the idea of it.  My dad had lost his job after the 9/11 attacks and while we could still have family vacations, we had to forgo the $300 round trip per person flights.  Fortunately I lived through it, and many, many more drives after once my parents realized how much easier and cheaper it was to travel at your own pace by car.

What I did come to find that road trips are an awesome excuse to eat fast food since I was never allowed and (from my dad) have a baking extravaganza beforehand for ample snacks to last far longer than 18 hours.

If you think you are here to read a list of healthy alternatives to travelling junk food, you are in the WRONG PLACE MY FRIEND.  It is the holidays and you have been a fantastically hard worker all year and I am proud of you.  So I experimented with this new and different recipe that I think you should try.

this may or may not have been my breakfast plate for this morning.

That, is an EGGNOG LOAF!  Pretty good idea if you ask me.  I like this because it isn’t TOO sweet (you can even omit the glaze, though that would take some of the moisture from the loaf) or TOO eggnoggy.  As Jessica said in her post, even if you don’t like Eggnog, you will probably like this loaf.  It’s a nice alternative to pumpkin bread since you are all pumpkin-ed out from Thanksgiving.  & a PERFECT road trip snack!

You can view the recipe at How Sweet Eats (one of my FAVORITE food blogs).  I didn’t want to buy whole wheat pastry flour so I used unbleached all purpose and it still came out perfect.

Anyone taking a road trip for the holidays?  Love or hate?

Are there components of your childhood you surely took for granted before you knew any better?

I can’t BELIEVE how many vacations we took when I was younger.  My mom would get yelled at from my school teachers and she (as a former teacher herself) would completely disregard absence rules and whisk us away.  We turned out pretty smart anyway.  I’m convinced my childhood is what shaped travelling as my top priority in life.  Fine with me.


One thought on “Road trip noms

  1. My parents took us on so many cool trips before I could really appreciate it. Like Vegas, the Grand Canyon (I was conviced it was torture but now I’d love to go), and a bunch o fancy Caribbean islands! I went to Disney last Halloween with the boy and was like yep paying for your own vacations SUCK!!!!

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