The last thing I made in 2012

Peppermint Bark Brownies!  All of the fine chocolate that was required took this off my holiday baking list because I am as cheap as they come; however when my mom asked me to make a dessert for a family gathering, I was all over this with her debit card.  You can find the recipe and much more appetizing photos over at Love & Olive Oil.  Ghiardelli chocolate was used for every component, however  the white chocolate was tricky.  I bought chips for this part, and maybe that was the problem, but the white chocolate was acting like it was scorched even before it melted.  I omitted the shortening (because I never use shortening in anything) and used canola oil to thin out the white chocolate “bark” topping.  It still hardened in the refrigerator and it came out as the recipe intended.  I would have also added more peppermint extract to the brownie batter, but it’s all a matter of preference because many were complimenting me on how they liked that the brownies did not overwhelm their taste buds with peppermint flavor.

New Year’s Eve day was spent on the road to Charleston without incident (thank goodness)!  We had excellent wings downtown and brought in the new year over disgusting free champagne and a live band with college friends.  It was fun and I have no photos to offer since I don’t blog or anything.

I NEVER make resolutions, however I broke that by thinking of a few things I’d like to change that just happened to coincide with the dawning of a new year.

  1. Sign up for a mother freaking race.  I do want to run a half marathon, but since I’m so intimidated to do that, why not start with a 5k?  I need to do a 5k this winter for sure or else I’ll never sign up for a half marathon.
  2. Spend a little more money.  We save over our minimum 10% of our income every month.  Stop freaking out over every single penny and enjoy life a little bit.
  3. Put as much love into my house as I do into my food.  I complain that it’s not “cozy” and it’s nobody’s fault but my own.  I already have plenty of cheap ideas to make it feel more homey that I’m going to work on next month.

My only plans so far this year is Colorado Springs for my brother in law’s wedding in June.  2012 was seriously a whirlwind that started on a high note and got progressively worse until November when it mellowed out.  I did chose to be happy throughout it all and see the humor in everything, which I do think is the key to surviving life.

I’m definitely glad to be back in Florida.  I don’t know how I became such a southerner but while the below is pretty to look at, I got sick of it after 1 day.  It also burned my lungs for 12 hours after running in it.  No bueno.  All done.  Warmth forever please.


3 thoughts on “The last thing I made in 2012

  1. Those peppermint bark brownies look amazing! I like your goals for 2013, I wish I had the motivation to run a 5k! I’m happy to be home in fl too, my boyfriend and I traveled up north for Christmas and a few inches of snow was enough for me for the year! It’s nice to live in perpetual spring/summer 🙂


    • Isn’t it just fabulous to never have winter and be able to visit it when you want? I thought I’d get sick of the warmth 24/7 but after 7 years I’m still loving it!

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