Consolation cookies

I wish somehow that weekends weren’t so fattening, but then why eat so well during the week and work out and put in all that effort to not be able to enjoy one’s self?  I’d probably be miserable and I generally thrive in this happy medium which is eating healthy and feeling good during the week, working out 5 times per week, and not feeling guilty for my sugary indiscretions on the weekend.

I think we all deserve it.

Our Sunday was spent at the dog park and then my husband turned into a couch bound stupor with eyes glued to the television.  Since the Patriots were playing and I had already spent 3 hours on ONTD, I gave my eyes a rest and did this

Then because football games last FOREVER, I decided to make cookies (BROWN BUTTER Oatmeal cookies!).  I am relieved that the “celebratory cookies” quickly turned into consolation cookies once the Patriots took the rough loss.  I always secretly wish they don’t make the playoffs because a. I’m evil and b. I want to have FUN during the Superbowl, not be stressed out over my husband’s fragile feelings over football.  FOOTBALL.  I mean I can appreciate the sport and the camaraderie (really the beer and wings though) that comes along with it, but it’s not that serious, people are just getting paid millions of dollars to throw a flipping ball.  Back to more important things.

Brown butter is so delicious and a staple over on Jessica’s How Sweet Eats (<- recipe), however I couldn’t really taste a difference in these Oatmeal Cookies when comparing it to a recipe using room temperature sticks of butter.  These are good though, they don’t spread much so you might want to press them down after scooping them onto the sheet, but personally I liked the gooey result of these cookies being so tall and fat.  They aren’t too sweet and decadent which makes them a perfect weekday treat when craving chocolate – because let’s face it I always do.  Please note in considering the calories – my batch made 23 smaller cookies, damage is for one cookie, which is really annoying because they are TINY!

Damage: 151 calories/20g carbs/8g fat/2g protein/1g fiber/12g sugar

PS: I still maintain it is better to have one tiny cookie than  a few gross diet cookies with fake sugar/chemicals galore. =)  Also, sorry to you Patriots and Falcons fans, ideally I would have made cookies for all of you.


4 thoughts on “Consolation cookies

  1. Those cookies look delish & I am 100% in agreement with you about having one really BADA$$ cookie rather than a bunch of fake ones. Staying on track during the week helps with weekend indulgences, I’m sure you were back to it today 🙂

    • Ahaha it was amazing! They were steaks with mozzarella cheese and spinach stuffed inside… on sale at the butcher for 6.99/lb… I hardly ever buy steaks but we had to have those babies

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