New & Improved (and still cheap).

I feel like I never write a post on Wednesdays.  If you know me by now, then you know that I cook huge meals that last for days on end, which is probably why I have nothing to show for myself on this midweek day.  My meal plan was a bit different this week, as I put three recipes on the list; I usually do two and then free for all fridays/saturdays which means spending $$, and spending money is back to being NO MORE in this household.  Hint- it is because we have saved up our whole lives to buy a house and are slowing kissing every dollar goodbye as we see it being squandered for inspections, appraisals, re-inspections, pest inspections, legal fees, everything you can think of.  The joys of life.

Please tell me what is making you happy this Wednesday. I am happy about discovering this new Black Bean/Rice recipe came on my radar last week. It is definitely a more complex version of a simple black beans and rice and has those polarizing ingredients that people either love or HATE WITH A PASSION (cilantro, avocado). I had gone back and forth with trying this, as being poor in college and in real life, I could have turned into a bowl of black beans and rice at one point I was consuming it so much. But I gave this one a chance and am never looking back..

I present to you, Black beans and rice for rich people (In reality, it only costs about $1.80 more per serving). Thank you to Bon Appetit magazine for this recipe and for only charging $4 per year to subscribe.  I didn’t change a thing; it’s absolutely perfect.  See the link for a better picture, we ate this at like, 9pm and my little point and shoot only likes natural light 🙂  I am such a good picture taker.

Damage*: 480 calories//60g carbs//22gfat//20g protein//14g fiber

*I used a lot of cheese, about 4 oz.  You can reduce the fat quite a bit by using the cheese more sparingly.  The rest of the fat solely comes from avocado and the olive oil 🙂

2 thoughts on “New & Improved (and still cheap).

  1. 40-50 minutes for rice?!?! See this is why I don’t eat rice, it takes SO LONG to cook. I like my dinners to take 20 minutes tops haha. It does sound yummy though!

    • LOL I totally should have addressed this. I used minute brown rice and it only takes 20 minutes tops to cook 🙂 I started the rice first and then did the beans and salsa while it was cooking and everything finished at once!

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