Good News & Bad News

Good news first:

I picked up some new shoes because my Asics 2000’s were starting to hurt me more and more.  After trying on ALL the stability shoes in the store, I decided on Mizunos.  Had my first run in them this morning and they felt great!

Secondly, I signed up for my first official race- Hooters 10k in September.  I will get around to doing a half eventually but I’m trying very hard to keep my running gradual to avoid all my injuries that I am so prone to (even though I’m not high mileage! ugh).

The bad news – I decided to discontinue updating on the public internet.  I say  this not because I feel like I’m so important and need to make it a big announcement, but for courtesy for my friends that may or may not wonder where the heck I went.  This was fun, it was a nice creative outlet for a few years, but I have no real interest in photography or web design to improve the site.  Also, now that I don’t feel motivated or excited about taking pictures of my food and posting recipes (I’m way more interested in eating them), I figure it is high time that I stop thinking about my blog and feeling guilty about not wanting to write entries.

Thank you all so much for reading and being (or pretending to be) interested in my nonsense.  I had fun sharing recipes and complaints about running with you.  I will certainly still read and comment, but I will no longer be posting here, unless I find inspiration again.  Best of luck to y’all! 🙂




sunday state of mind

It’s Monday and I’m still making bad food choices.

This is all I’m allowing myself for lunch because I happened to inadvertantly make a really lavish dish for dinner on Sunday night that is completely inappropriate, as was us going to Smokey Bones on Saturday night (we had a coupon and were bored).  Thank goodness I exercised some form of self control and saved the pulled pork for lunch today.

Every time I glanced over this recipe I kept thinking it was so easy and decently healthy… probably because every time I went through the butter part of the ingredients list I saw “1/4 STICK butter” instead of…

= 1 whole stick of butter

Are you kidding me?  I don’t know WHAT food and wine magazine was smoking that they felt the need to only divide this recipe into FOUR servings, but I’m Italian AND a fat kid inside and I never once perceived an entire pound of pasta to equate to four servings.  I’m insisting on stretching this out for six servings (the up side is that we have dinner already made for tonight and tomorrow) which is like, this much.

Which doesn’t look that bad but I will tell you that it’s on a tiny salad plate and still has 20 grams of fat.  Maybe I can stretch this to eight servings.  What was I thinking adding the full amount of butter to this thing?  I was surely in a Sunday state of mind.  This is obviously a decadently delicious and simple dish that I think you should try and maybe halve the butter if you don’t want to be the size of knocked up Jessica Simpson after two servings.

I also kind of wanted to add garlic to this but decided to stick to the recipe because I was fascinated with the entire thing (I’ve never had balsamic vinegar in a pasta sauce before.  Chicken, yes, but never pasta).  I should have added garlic… I think then it would be justifiable to subtract some butter though it would be a totally different flavor.

Also, use good balsamic vinegar.

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