I never need to get takeout again.

Real talk.

Every recipe introduction and blog post that I have read which made WILD CLAIMS such as this I immediately dismissed. That is until I went on my Asian streak in the past 3 weeks and found this fantastic stroke of luck of discovering 3 “take out” recipes in a row that were so delicious and satisfying, not to mention cheaper and healthier too.

I am having a great week.

I figured out how to make crunchy chicken without deep frying, I got a new wireless mouse in the mail (my other one was the first wireless mouse ever manufactured), and a small minor detail I have seemed to left out until now: we bought a house.

It was a fairy tale story of us losing a perfect home, then in the least expected moment getting that call that our backup offer was accepted because the first offer fell through.  But enough about that- my husband is already packing and we aren’t even 30 days out from closing yet and financing this thing is giving me agita up the you know what, as expected.


I used to yell at my dad for being so cocky and bragging and raving about food he cooked, and here I am, some 10 years later being overly impressed with my efforts.  Except I didn’t  create this recipe and my dad created all of the recipes he’s ever fawned over.

Okay okay, here is the recipe.  My computer’s graphic card just turned my screen a lovely shade of sky blue so if the photo is wonky (I can’t really edit it or even see it), you will know why.  Not that my photos are ever appetizing.

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Beer-Braised Sriracha Chicken

Let’s talk recipe sharing – I don’t do that enough anymore.  I realized I love to pick recipes from internet/cookbooks and dissect everything as I am going about cooking it.  I rarely ever am satisfied with a recipe the exact way it is supposed to be made, and that is when we can have the most fun while cooking 🙂

Background: When I make meals during the week it’s usually something I’m not very excited about.  I try new recipes that are safe and healthy and I generally just eat it because I already have most of the ingredients and don’t have to spend too much money on groceries.

New project (because buying a house just isn’t enough)- I am building my pantry and purging my recipe binder of recipes that are just “meh” to my husband and I.  We eat at home every single night of the week most of the time, so it’s easy to get bored and I’m done with NOT ENJOYING my dinners because I was so focused on something easy and familiar. 

This week the new recipe I decided to try was another Asian dish after basking in the success of the Thai food I made last week.  It required beer that we happened to have on hand and chicken thighs or drumsticks (I used boneless/skinless thighs).  I am so sick of chicken breast that I am willing to have a little extra fat in my meal than more repulsive chewy tasteless-ness.  You could easily use chicken breast if you’d like, but you know my disdain for it- I have been cooking it for years and still haven’t found the magic touch to make it appetizing to me.

I had to buy the hoisin sauce and sesame oil- neither were over $5.00.  I have also never tried Sriracha, even though we’ve had it in the house for as long as I’ve been married.  My tastebuds are pleased with it.

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slow cooker “takeout”

I have never made Chinese food before, therefore I am very amused right now.  I actually hate most Chinese food, especially since moving to Florida (what is wrong with this state and their disgusting Chinese restaurants? I swear, nobody appreciates food in Florida… I could go on forever but I will stop here), BUT

a. this was made in a slow cooker so it = easy and

b. i happen to have all of the ingredients on hand

Annnd pretend there is garlic & onion there. I’d photoshop them in but I don’t know how to use fancy things like that.

It was pretty good, and in the spirit of father’s day this weekend, I will dedicate this recipe to my dad who would drag me to a certain Chinese restaurant that I hated going to because it was 45 minutes away but would entice me by inviting my best friend and her dad.  While eating at the restaurant, our fathers would mimic their accents TO THE WAITERS (not in a malicious way, just because he is the silliest person with the least pride on earth).  The most embarrassing days of my life- my father provided all of them. & I love him for it because now I don’t take life seriously which makes it so much more fun (he also gave me my passion and love for creating food).

My favorite ❤

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