A Sweet for this Week

I haven’t baked in awhile, and while my waistline certainly does NOT reflect my lack of in-home sweet consumption, I caught the bug bad this past weekend.  I closed my eyes and picked from my “baking” folder on my bookmarks bar and went to town on Pinch Of Yum‘s Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake.

I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of it at first, but I was pleased with the fact that we had ALL of the ingredients in the house which would not add on to our already limited grocery bill.  Game on.

This is a dense vanilla cake with a thin cheesecake layer topped with streusel, making it feel breakfast-y and appropriate for any hour of the day as seen below.

I will neither confirm nor deny that this was our pan only 17 hours after this cake came out of the oven.  I suggest you hold off on making this until you have house guests or any situation that would include multiple people consuming the entirety of it in one night so that one is limited to one or two pieces only 🙂

One disclosure I’d like to include is that when I made this I only had a half a block of cream cheese (4 oz vs. the 8 oz the recipe calls for) so I just added all I had left and this is reflected in the nutrition facts beneath the recipe.  I also used light sour cream.  If you’re not worried about extra calories and only want more deliciousness, use the full 8oz of cream cheese you will have a thicker cheesecake type layer and it will surely be delightful.  Also, pay attention to the “serving size” which is only 1/12th of the cake.   Take a look at that pan and tell me if you would only want 1/12th of that.

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I am now in a muffin love affair

Are the rest of you dreaming of delightful Superbowl snacks and beer as I am on this lovely Friday afternoon?  I probably could not care less about these two teams playing on Sunday, but I really need to find a plan to celebrate eating because right now there is none 😦

I also need to take this time to (not humble) brag that I completed a five mile run yesterday with all of my miles being under ten minutes.  I know that will not impress a single one of you but it impressed me because I have struggled normally to keep a 10 minute pace, and I was riding a cloud for the rest of the day. Hooray for unexpected successful runs!  I have a 6 mile set for tomorrow and it no longer intimidates me.

So on to the most important topic: I made some muffins this week for the heck of it and realized, why don’t I always have muffins in the house?  When was the last time you had a muffin?  Probably a long time ago since society tries to convince you these days that muffins are just dessert disguised as breakfast.

Okay maybe that’s true, so just have one with a nutritious breakfast.  Did you know there is a study that it’s better to have dessert in the morning than at night?  Right, so muffins it is.  How many times have I already written the “m” word in this post?  We should play a drinking game about it.

Alright alright, here is a recipe for a fantastic muffin, I have even given you the nutrition facts so you can be well aware of what you’re eating.  I think I can start having muffins for breakfast because I can run 5 miles now.

You can find the recipe right at Two Peas & Their Pod.  I used fresh blueberries and low fat cream cheese.  Lemon and Blueberry go so well together, I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want a blueberry muffin without lemon zest in it.  The surprise element is the cinnamon, and I really had to think twice about a lemon + cinnamon combination, but I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted the batter.  Is it normal for muffin batter to be delicious?  I don’t know because clearly I need to make muffins more often.

Damage (1 muffin): 206 calories/30g carbs/8g fat/4g protein/14g sugar

Now go have a drink and a fantastic weekend.

Welcome every morning with a thankful heart

I needed comfort food this morning – I’m dealing with one of those wonderful situations where something bad can happen but I don’t have control over the outcome.  Normally I’d be a ball of anxiety in the corner not being able to function; but thankfully throughout the years of dealing with these things I just pretend it’s not happening and pray for the best outcome.

Don’t you just love going away and coming back to real life that you don’t have the capacity to deal with?

One more question: do you like oatmeal?  I couldn’t stomach it.  Thank goodness for food blogs or I would’ve never had the ability to eat oatmeal.

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