2 disasters, 1 success.

In the interest of saving money (our first mortgage payment is due July 1st, hooray) and being vaguely healthy again, I made a structured meal plan for this week that unfortunately had two giant failures and both can be attributed to Rachael Ray.  I loathe her voice, I detest her show, yet I still am intrigued by her mish-mashy concoctions and can’t resist trying them.  I believe this week has been the universe’s intervention between us and I.AM.DONE.

Recipe #1: Crispy Oven-Fried Turkey Patties with Bourbon BBQ Sauce.

We have bourbon in the house that nobody drinks, and the organic extra lean ground beef (I don’t typically do ground turkey) was half off at the grocery store so this seemed to be a perfect place to start.  I don’t know if my taste buds were just accustomed to the bottled barbecue sugar bombs, but this sauce was just disgusting and I made it exactly how the recipe called for.  It was pointless and ridiculous to egg wash and bread the patties because they didn’t end up crispy at all.  This meal was overly superfluous, but cost us next to nothing, so the sauce went in the garbage and the leftover patties were had traditionally with cheese and on plain buns.

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Changing habits.

Lately I have been thinking about changing up my environment every once in a while.  Working from home, I find myself feeling stifled often and while I do have an office I have the option to go into, it is 50 minutes away and full of transient consultants.  My HR colleagues are never in the office, so that defeats the purpose of going in to socialize.  I need to start going to coffee shops, and since a CERTAIN MONOPOLISTIC BRAND has taken over every small coffee shop in this area, I have one choice and one choice only.

image from starbucks.com

We do have a really nice Starbucks just 5 minutes away from me so I wonder why I am not taking advantage of that- probably because I am the cheapest person on the planet and can’t bear to pay for a coffee drink when I can make a perfectly good one at home.  A Vanilla Rooibos tea would be delightful though.  I need to start a new routine where I pack up and get out once a week because while I’m not going stir crazy (take note I am essentially a recluse so I love being home for work), my weekday routine is precisely this: work at home all day, take  run outside, make dinner, sit on the couch all night either watching the DVR or reading blogs.  I don’t even want to know what I will turn into once I have babies.

I found that I was dreading my scheduled interval run yesterday afternoon so I thought that instead of doing my usual route that I am quickly becoming tired of, I would run on the treadmill.  It helped that it was 86 degrees outside so 78 in the gym was sounding mighty cool.  I came to the conclusion that I certainly need to find a new running route because I usually avoid the treadmill at absolutely all costs.

It was actually a great run, usually I am much slower on the treadmill, but I think that I kept the same interval paces as I would have run if I were outside in perfect weather, though I was embarrassingly DRIPPING in sweat while I was leaving.  It was disgusting, and I swear people were staring.

I also created a new recipe last night out of necessity and it came out really delicious and was the perfect balance I needed after my workout.  I was planning to make THIS chicken dish, but realized I had bought tenderloins instead of breast, so I re-worked it into something new.  I of all people know how hard it is to have cheap nutritious meals but depending on the price of feta and tomatoes in your area, I think this could be a great option to fit in your healthy food budget!

I know you can’t tell, but I feel obligated to bring to your attention that I am not a professional photographer

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Healthified Chicken with Lemon Butter Sauce

You know when you’re a good wife when you are leaving for a trip and the one thing your husband is concerned about is what he is going to eat when you’re gone.  Keep him around ladies, cook him stuff.  NOT diet stuff (see previous post).

I am kind of having a hard time with all this dieting advice I’ve been reading.  Not that I am trying to go on a diet, but I’m finding myself hitting a wall with my workouts and I know I will get such better results if I change my diet somehow.. I hope?  I’m fine with how I look, but if I’m working out more than I ever have, shouldn’t I be seeing a change?  Change is nice sometimes.  Unless it’s upping a pants size change. I get irrational fears and one of them right now is working out will make me fat.

My philosophy has always been enjoying everything in moderation, and then this whole health trend started so I figured I might start eating more natural foods and it’s a good thing.  I started making more things from scratch and it eventually led me to become more and more passionate about cooking (I used to only be into baking).  But then after all this preaching on my soapbox I came home with this.

I don’t even like slow churned ice cream.  It tastes fake to me.  But I only eat it for the cookie dough an brownie chunks anyway, and Edy’s has great cookie dough.

So I made this for us, a fat kid fit meal, if you will…with WHOLE FOODS and I even reduced the fat content for us, so we can feel better about eating slow churned ice cream in desperation….only in emergencies of course.  The good thing about this is that it doesn’t taste like “diet stuff”, evidenced by a man really enjoying it.  Great low carb meal, OK on fat content… since I reduced the butter the sauce was very wet, which we didn’t mind, but to give you a heads up, the recipe calls for double the butter (1/2 stick) if you don’t mind a little more junk in that cute little trunk of yours 🙂  Sorry, was that creepy?

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The Healthiest Recipe You’ll Ever See On This Blog

Mamma G does not have a good reputation in the kitchen.  Growing up, my father who worked 50+ hours a week cooked for us or we went over to Grandma’s.  If neither of those two events occured, we were having breaded chicken cutlets or chicken soup for dinner.

I do have to give it to her, those two things were made from scratch and made well, but still.  She’s a mom and it was the running joke of our childhood that we were deprived of delicious home-cookin’.  This lady also doesn’t like butter or cheese and prefers to eat yogurt for lunch and salad for dinner…


I was blown off my rocker (ok, I don’t even have a rocker to begin with) when she told me the other day that she’d like to cook for Mr. Mans & I.

I actually have never had a frittata before so I gave her a chance, and SHE DID IT.  She made something good without butter or cheese.  I think it’s her grandmotherly instincts coming along since she has QUITE a tough act to follow. Omnomnom.

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