The Healthiest Recipe You’ll Ever See On This Blog

Mamma G does not have a good reputation in the kitchen.  Growing up, my father who worked 50+ hours a week cooked for us or we went over to Grandma’s.  If neither of those two events occured, we were having breaded chicken cutlets or chicken soup for dinner.

I do have to give it to her, those two things were made from scratch and made well, but still.  She’s a mom and it was the running joke of our childhood that we were deprived of delicious home-cookin’.  This lady also doesn’t like butter or cheese and prefers to eat yogurt for lunch and salad for dinner…


I was blown off my rocker (ok, I don’t even have a rocker to begin with) when she told me the other day that she’d like to cook for Mr. Mans & I.

I actually have never had a frittata before so I gave her a chance, and SHE DID IT.  She made something good without butter or cheese.  I think it’s her grandmotherly instincts coming along since she has QUITE a tough act to follow. Omnomnom.

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